Cognitive Behavior Therapy Terminates Dependence on Psychiatric Pharmacology: A 6-year Chronic Case of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Science Insights Medicine, 05 June 2017
2017: e000111
Doi: 10.15354/sim.17.sc051
Short Communication (Original)
Cognitive Behavior Therapy Terminates  Dependence on Psychiatric Pharmacology
A 6-year Chronic Case of Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Anand Prakash, PhD;*,∆ Nutan Kumari, MD†,∆
Author Affiliations
*: Clinical Psychology & Chief Advisor of Foreign, Students, Department of Medicine, Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies, PO Box-31906, Jeddah- 21418, Saudi Arabia
†: Department of Anatomy, Katihar Medical College, Katihar, Bihar, India.
∆: Correspondence to: Dr. Anand Prakash, Email:, Tel: (+)966-554 729 221 Or Dr. Nutan Kumari, Email:
Sci Insigt Med. 2017;2017:e000111. doi:10.15354/sim.17.sc051

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) commonly observed in both sexes.  Generally patients don't prefer to visit psychiatric clinic/ hospital for treatment of GAD for several reasons. However, their affirmative decision to such treatment is often directed to psychiatric treatment as a first choice rather than psychological intervention. The present study is a case report of a 21-year old female with chronic GAD suffering for last six years. The case was firstly registered to a medical clinic and thereafter referred to psychiatric clinic for further intervention. Initially she was successfully treated by psychiatric medication, but later she relapsed when attempts failed for terminating psychiatric pharmacological treatment. Eventually, she was referred to the author for possible psychological intervention as the client was willing to lead life without medication. She was comprehensively examined through interview, the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale and treated by cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) of intervention helping her slowly and successfully stopping psychiatric treatment and leading independent life. Details of the psychological assessment and intervention have been presented in this case report.■

Keywords:  Generalized anxiety disorder; Clinical interview; Mental status examination; Cognitive-behavior therapy